“Every so often, you meet some one special that reminds us that we are all special in the eyes of God, and sets an example through his works. Dave Branton is that one. I had the great privilege of sharing time with Dave and the drums. I can’t even call it ‘working
together’ because there was no effort.

Dave made my time with the instrument an even greater joy; the playability of the instrument just perfect. The drums sounded absolutely flawless, and just simply beautiful, which is a criteria that I highly seek and value. Seamless and transparent.

Dave pours his spirit fully into everything; one can’t help but to see that. Just being around him is an encouragement; it helps you play better!

DOM FAMULARO, Drumming’s Global Ambassador
“I was so impressed with how well my drums were tuned. I arrived last minute due to all my global travels. I have never had the
luxury of just sitting at my drums and having them tuned exactly how I tune them. I was inspired by the perfect fourths between all my toms.

My compliments to you Dave… well done! I look forward to returning and having you assist again… and again… and again! Thanks!”

“I arrived in Adelaide with only a few hours to spare before a jazz concert. It was so awesome to turn up to the venue and have the kit so musically tuned. Dave asked me about what I was after sound wise and in the end he knew better than me what I wanted!

You know the kit is sounding good when the other musicians in the group compliment you on the sound of the drums.

Thanks Dave and I can’t wait until the next experience… thanks mate.”

BEN YENGI, OAM, The University of Adelaide

“I have known Dave Branton for several years. He has been a close friend of the African commmunity and has performed as
a dummer in a number of African groups. He understands the concept of music fusion very well. He appreciates music from different cultural backgrounds.

Dave has excellent drumming and craft skills particularly in lapping African style drums. Dave assisted me in lapping and mounting drum heads on my African drums. Many people have given great compliments on Dave’s skills.

I would recommend Dave as a facilitator or instructor in drum making or drumming workshops.”


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